YELLOWS PLUS. Japanese designer Toshiaki Yamagishi’s eyewear line Yellows Plus has captured the imagination of those the world over with its compositions bringing together classic form and contemporary flair.

Yellows Plus frames have a relaxed aesthetic, each intricate in its beautifully crafted delicate forms. The collections are timeless, but with each comes a uniquely modern element reflective of contemporary materiality and technology aligned with Yamagishi’s ability to create boldness in the subtleties of his designs.

yellows plus marion yellowish green gold clear
yellows plus frames in a tray


THE FINESSE OF SUBTLETY. All Yellows Plus frames are handcrafted exclusively in one of the world’s most renowned eyewear manufacturing facilities in Fukui, Japan.

Boldness in the subtleties of design

yellows-plus toshiaki tamagishi

Our philosophy in designing products is to ensure that the traditional form of beauty, while capturing contemporaneity, is continued, and is passed down through the generations.