hand crafted zyl acetate frames

THE ART OF EYEWEAR. From the valleys of the Dolomites to the finest facilities in Japan, our frames are handcrafted by a group of the world’s leading artisan manufacturers.

hand made Mazzuchelli Acetate frames
hand made Mazzuchelli Acetate frames


Unsurpassed materiality combined with cutting edge engineering underpins exceptional design. None of our frames are mass produced, which allows us to ensure the calibre, durability and longevity of every pair.

IN THE DETAIL. Each with its own exceptional qualities – from a lustre achieved only by rolling the frame in barrels with wood chips to German-designed surgical steel hinges for both flexibility and retention of shape – it is the combination of precision details that define the superior quality of our frames.



Our frames are made with either zyl acetate or premium titanium. We avoid injection-moulded plastic, a material commonly used for eyewear, as it can become brittle and snap, and is very difficult to adjust. Our frames are not sprayed with lacquer, another commonly used material, because it does not stand up to New Zealand’s harsh climatic conditions and ultraviolet light.

By using only the finest materials, we ensure your frames are lightweight, durable and easy to adjust while always holding their shape.

ZYL ACETATE. This primarily cotton-based material comes in slabs similar to marble, from which the frames are hand cut. The parts are then put into barrels filled with wood chips and rolled for a number of days to achieve a unique, luxurious lustre. Following this, they are polished by hand to achieve the beautiful final finish.

TITANIUM. Our hypoallergenic metal frames are made of the highest quality titanium, an extremely tough and light weight material that feels almost weightless on the face.

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Unsurpassed materiality combined with cutting edge engineering underpins exceptional design