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Pushing the boundaries of self expression, our sunglasses coexist; contemporaneous in the realm of classic eyewear design yet coeval with contemporary style. Luxurious in composition and materiality, our sun collections allow you to embrace your individuality in a way few can.



In New Zealand, we are exposed to the harshest UV light in the world.  All our sunglasses have the highest quality lenses and 100 per cent ultraviolet light filtering technology ensuring comfortable, calm and clear outdoor vision in all conditions.


“My work as an optometrist extends beyond ensuring optimal vision, which is a given. Prescription sunglasses are my passion. It's always my aim with sunglasses, to combine function and style, ensuring the prescription lenses are never noticed. They'll look the same with or without prescription lenses” 


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Compatible with a vast array of prescription lenses, every frame in our sun collections is carefully selected to work well with prescription lenses.  Our sunglass frame designs cleverly conceal the vision correcting function of prescription lenses, leaving the wearer free to express their style through beautiful eyewear.



Polarised lenses provide an extra level of glare reduction. We specialise in this type of technology. Talk to us about light sensitivity and outdoor or sporting pursuits where glare is an issue and we will work with you to provide a solution that ensures you can enjoy the best of the outdoors at all times.


Our precision optics for sunglasses allow you to see the outside world in a whole new light; to experience a vibrancy and depth of colour whatever the conditions
— Michael Holmes
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