SALT. A product of coastal California, SALT is dedicated to timeless style. Since its inception in 2006, SALT has always sought to create eyewear that reflects the state’s natural beauty, drawing inspiration from its sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains and pristine deserts.

Taking cues from the iconic eras of film, architecture, music and art, as well as from the people and places that make California a unique destination, SALT strives to create frames that capture the casual elegance of California’s aspirational lifestyle.

salt frames
salt frames in a tray


STANDING UP TO THE RIGORS OF A LIFE WELL LIVED. High quality construction is not just about beauty, it is also about durability. SALT frames are handmade in Japan with some of the most advanced technologies in the world.  

Capturing casual elegance
salt david rose designer

The California Scenario is a limited-release collection that takes inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic of Japanese design. We chose a soft monochromatic color palate united with some of our favorite timeless silhouettes, resulting in a truly unique collection.