GÖTTI. collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form providing a basis for expansive expression of individual character. Known for their stunning Swiss designs, precision manufacturing in Austria, Germany and Japan, the exclusive materiality and componentry combine to create eyewear of distinction.

Götti was formed in 1993 by Swiss designer Sven Götti. Now renowned the world over, Götti eyewear is sold exclusively by speciality retailers in 30 countries.

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GÖTTI. With no screws or rivets, these sleek, minimalist frames are made of surgical grade stainless steel, are hypoallergenic and almost weightless, each pair weighing less than three grams



DIMENSIONS IN COLOUR. Accents in colour create a demanding vibrancy derived from inspiration in urbanity, the arts and nature. Those highlighted in the latest Götti collections include hues across the colour spectrum.

A demanding presence

“Design begins in the mind and comes from the heart. The scent of freshly polished frames and the intense colors never fail to amaze me. What could be more exciting than to imagine that precisely these eyeglasses find the right person to wear them?”