Stunning Specs!

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Just an update on a few of the fabulous people who recently acquired new glasses from us! We've been busy!

Susie Houghton is glowing with old movie glamour in her new Oliver Goldsmith ”Sophia” sunglasses. As a lawyer and mother of three, Susie felt she’d earned a treat and with her schedule we’d have to agree.


Growing up in Holland, Els Ariaens knows a thing or two about European design and precision. Here she is in her new ‘Hanno’ frame by German designers Martin & Martin.


Not a day goes by when we don't hear Michael telling clients that Martin & Martin frames are built "like a truck". While this doesn't seem a very desirable way to describe a range so refined and stylish, it's the unmistakable truth. Germany

's modernism flows through these strong designs, all precision handmade in Germany, using Italian cotton based acetate and double spring hinges. Pictured here, Chris Burgess in Martin & Martin's "Klaus" a frame that should withstand the rigours of a family man with two young sons.


Trust a Grey Lynn resident to put together this stunning trench coat and glasses combination. Brigid Hardy is welcoming in the change of the season with her new Claire Goldsmith "Watson" in appropriate autumnal tone "Deep Sea".


Suzanne Boyle rushed in to get her contacts on her way to the airport to board a flight to Sydney and "woosh" walked out with "The Moosh"! Designed in 1968, this beauty by Oliver Goldsmith is one of our favourite sunglasses. Pictured here on Suzanne in "blue opal".


William Brooks pictured here in ……the “Brooks”! Architecture student, William is a member of New Zealand’s best dressed optical family, his parents both having purchased new glasses from us, the same day William walked out in his new Garrett Leight.

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Miss Hannah Broederlow wearing Claire Goldsmith’s Findlay in Fire. Just perfect in every way.

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Designed specifically for petite faces, the ‘Noe’ by Alexander Daas is a perfect fit for gorgeous student Victoria Peters.


Bevel's chic frame architecture features clean lines reminiscent of American modernism. Daniel Lund was drawn to the refinement of the new "Jeff" as well as the quality matt finish. We can tell Jeff is going to be a popular guy around here. We landed 5 from the States 2 weeks ago and have 1 left.