Meet the designer: Claire Goldsmith



Back when we used buy from 'big brand' eyewear manufacturers, we knew little about who we were dealing with, let alone their design philosophy. 

Now that we handpick our ranges from our favourite designers around the globe, we are privileged to get to know them, their passion for eyewear, and what makes them tick.

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting a series of short interviews with our designers, so you can get to know them too. This week it's the lovely Claire Goldsmith.

Claire Goldsmith
The Goldsmith name is huge in eyewear. Claire’s great-grandfather Oliver Goldsmith invented the sunglass as we know it, by creating the first ready-to-wear shades. Throughout the '60s and '70s,

Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses were made famous by the likes of John Lennon, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Michael Caine. 

For the past decade, Claire has been busy breathing life back into the iconic OG shades. And since 2009, Claire's design talent has been showcased in her very own optical range, fittingly titled 'Legacy'. 

Innovative, but with an elegant nod to the past, this beautiful eyewear really makes a statement. 

Claire's unique frames can only be found in the world's finest optical boutiques - and now adorning the faces of many stylish Premium Eyewear clients.

'Campbell' from Claire Goldsmith's Legacy collection

'Riley' from Claire Goldsmith's Legacy collection

We asked Claire a few questions about her philosophy, and here's what she said:

What (or who) inspires you?
To leave behind a legacy and to have made a contribution to the world in some way!

What three words sum up your design ethos?
Clean. Timeless. Thought-provoking.

Best piece of fashion advice?
Don't be a slave to fashion. Rock your own style.

Favourite frame from your range and why?
Within the CG collection it’s a bit like having children, I don't have favourites. I like CG collection as a whole. Different frames for different people really.

Oliver Goldsmith is different. I didn't design it so I can be more objective about it. I have lots of OG favs. Y-Not, Audrey, Uuksu, Lord.....

What is your pet peeve?
In eyewear? Licences! Cheap badly made glasses sporting expensive brands. It's disrespectful to the brand, and even more so to the end customer charging them all that money for very little quality.

What would be your perfect day off?
A 24 hour spa massage!!!

Whether it's vintage sunglasses or edgy optical frames, Claire's passion and commitment to quality and innovation is obvious. Rumour has it Claire's got some exciting new optical frames to be released soon. We can't wait to see what she'll bring out next!