Handcrafted in China



There is a lot of stigma surrounding products manufactured in China and unfortunately, for the most part this aversion is justified due to the terrible working conditions and poor wages received by labourers there and in other similar countries.

Thankfully, a few forward-thinking ethical companies are choosing to base their production in China, in order to utilize the superior technologies and skills available as well as considerably raise the level of pay and quality of work life. These companies are still in the vast minority, but slowly people are being educated that there is 'good' Made in China as well as 'bad' Made in China - the label itself doesn't necessarily denote poor quality. We did rigorous research when deciding whether to start stocking Garrett Leight frames; we want to know our products come from companies with acceptable conditions for all, and we refuse to offer inferior quality or mass-produced frames.

This film from Garrett Leight can help dispel the myth surrounding this issue, if only for their own company:

Garrett Leight company statement:

"We believe there are two ways to do things, the right way and the wrong way. We believe that making handmade eyewear with the highest quality and most original style for the best value is the right way to make eyewear. We believe in working with partners that value personal happiness above everything else. We value technology and dexterity and we believe our manufacturer offers our customer the most valuable eyewear without sacrificing anything we believe in. Our partners in China are true craftsmen who are manufacturing the highest quality in the most ethical fashion we have ever seen."