KIRK&KIRK. Jason and Karen Kirk have been at the forefront of optics for two decades, following in the footsteps of the two generations before them. This year, the family celebrates 100 years in the industry. Kirk & Kirk’s ranges are defined by vibrant colour, with the use of transparent optical acrylic allowing for each frame to reflect light and enhance the deep hues.

kirk and kirk frames
kirk and kirk frames


A JEWEL-LIKE QUALITY. Handmade in France, Kirk & Kirk’s eyewear is crafted with a unique grade of Italian acrylic chosen for its lightweight materiality and comfort, and allowing for the creation of substantial frames weighing almost nothing on the face. The Italian material also allows Kirk & Kirk the freedom to source their own colour palette, giving each frame a jewel-like quality.

Frames created by hand, the old-fashioned way
jason and karen kirk profile shot

“To celebrate 100 years in optics this year, we released Centena, the first collection to be handmade in France from 10mm acrylic. Using 10mm acrylic allows us to sculpt this beautiful material and create pieces that look like cut glass.”