CLAIRE GOLDSMITH. For four generations, the Goldsmith family has been creating eyewear that has pushed the boundaries of self-expression, expectation and individuality. Claire is the great granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith who was one of the most influential designers and creators of modern-day eyewear, dressing the eyes of iconic fashionistas including Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and John Lennon.

In 2005, the Oliver Goldsmith brand, along with an archive of classic designs, were reintroduced to the world by Claire Goldsmith who today makes some of the world’s most sophisticated and beautifully designed sunglasses and spectacles.

Claire goldsmith king Elephant on Summer frame
Claire goldsmith frames in a tray


MODERN CLASSICS. Claire Goldsmith designs are inspired by British history and heritage. Looking back at fashion, automotive, architecture and industry, along with the many British cult movements such as mods and rockers, provides a rich history which is used as inspiration for the design process making for a stylistically dynamic collection.

Inspired by a legacy
Claire goldsmith profile story

“I am from a long line of people driven to create beautiful eyewear. My great-grandfather started it off in the 1920s with the idea that glasses, far from being a dull medical necessity were in fact an exciting and huge part of someone’s image and their ability to express themselves; then taking it further with the notion that sunglasses in themselves could be more flamboyant and fun than anyone ever imagined. Almost 70 years on, I find myself at the helm of this heritage brand - a fourth generation Goldsmith still being driven to create beautiful eyewear by the legacy before me and the expectation that lies ahead of me.”