Introducing: RVS Eyewear

We have not one but TWO brand new fantastic eyewear ranges now in store! These fresh and modern brands have reached our shores for the first time, and can only be found at Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear.

Today we introduce you to our new brand from New York. RVS Eyewear is a burst of colour on the eyewear scene; their signature hand-painted red screws and matte finish make sure they stand out from the crowd. 

Founded in 2007, RVS was brought to life with the goal of achieving the quality and originality of the past - frames made the way they uses to be. RVS Eyewear is hand produced by Italian artisans with over 60 years of tradition in the eyewear business. Each RVS frame is made from the best Italian zyl acetate with a matte finish. Every detail on each frame is finalised by hand, down to the signature hand painted red hinge screws.