Introducing Optometrist Grace Elliott

We welcome a second optometrist, Grace Elliott to our team.

We are delighted that Grace has taken a full time position at Michael Holmes 
Premium Eyewear where she will be working between both the Teed St and 
High St practices.

This may come as great news to many of you who have, over the past few months, 
found it difficult to get a booking with Michael. Grace has a special interest in 
ocular disease and children’s vision but she will be responsible for all aspects of 
eye care including assessment of clarity of vision, binocularity, fitting of spectacle 
and contact lenses and the monitoring and treatment of eye disease, for which 
she is qualified to prescribe ocular medication.

Grace also has a passion for design so patients will be able to benefit from her 
keen eye when it comes to selecting frames and lenses. Like Michael, Grace is 
keen to ensure the patient receives a holistic approach to their eye care, which 
extends beyond the testing room and ensures that those needing prescription 
glasses receive the best advice possible.