The Many Faces of Mr. Wooster

Nick Wooster may not be a name you recognise (yet) but his perfectly groomed moustache and tattoos are a permanent fixture on the fashion scene in New York. Until recently Wooster was men's fashion director at Neiman Marcus and at Bergdorf Goodman, he appears at all the fashion shows and on all the resulting street fashion blogs.

Rarely is Wooster seen without a pair of sunglasses on, and always seemingly a different pair - he must own dozens. He is so passionate in fact that he recently walked the runway for Mark McNairy's new eyewear collection in NY Fashion Week (as pictured in our feature here).

Wooster is interested in "non-traditional" menswear and he practices what he preaches, often being photographed in shorts & tie, shoes with a lift or matching jacket & pants. He's clearly having fun with fashion!

This is a man who loves eyewear