50 Shades

No, not that one - this is the other book titled 50 Shades, by fashion writer Lauren Goldstein Crowe.

This great coffee table book consists of 50 black and white images of the biggest names in film, music and literature wearing their iconic sunglasses alongside a quote from each person.

Diana Ross by Larry Ellis

Bob Dylan by Jan Persson

I  love this snippet from the book's blurb by Reel Art Press:

"Sunglasses. The great equalizer. Celebrities wear them to blend in, the rest of us wear them to stand out. Either way, nothing else, except possibly the way one dances, tells you so much about who a person thinks they are than their choice of shades."

Jack Nicholson by Giribaldi

Jack Nicholson's quote accompanying his image is a classic:

"With my sunglasses on I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them I'm fat and sixty."