The Irrepressible Iris Apfel

If anyone can prove that age is just a number then it's Iris Apfel. New York socialite, business owner and interior textile designer (to no less than nine Presidents) Iris is as full of life at 91 years than she was 21. A regular on the New York scene, Iris shot to fame in 2005 after the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art featured an exhibition of her wardrobe (their first ever exhibition hosted for a living woman), and has been featured in many magazines and fashion blogs since as a model of how to age with style - and spirit! Iris is known for her flamboyant personal style and oversized round glasses; she doesn't know how many pairs of glasses she owns but she bought her first ever pair at a flea market.

We have to admire Iris for her total disregard for the norm and for staying true to her personal style throughout the years. Long live Iris!