Playing Muse

Garrett Leight sheds some light on the men playing muse to some of his optical designs in a series of short films called "Garrett Leight Icons". In the first film released, we get a sense for the inspiration behind his Harding frame, writer (and husband of one Marilyn Monroe) Arthur Miller.

Garrett Leight California Optical is inspired by iconic, soulful individuals, and strives to encompass all that is classic and timeless with each piece of eyewear we produce. Icons themselves find inspiration in different realms of life - in people, places or things, past and present.
Short film and description by Garrett Leight California Optical.

Garrett Leight "Harding" in Grey Fade with midnight gradient polarized lenses

As a bonus, here's comedian Will Arnett (of Arrested Development fame) rocking the Harding in GQ magazine.