Handmade by Oliver Goldsmith (2012)

This little film is well worth a watch!

This short film shows our roots. Made for Oliver Goldsmith, this film perfectly captures the true essence of 'handmade'. It features one of the last British factories and craftsmen here in England where our bespoke frames are mastered. Ben Grimsey -- our head craftsman, is a rare breed! At 33 he is the youngest traditional craftsmen in Britain but he is also one of the best. His commitment and unassuming talent is implausible. Handmaking frames is a dying art and needs to be supported and we are proud to say we do. Enjoy the film and watch the process of one of the most iconic frames -- the Ogle -- being made from scratch by an artist!
Short film and description by Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses and Claire Goldsmith Eyewear.