Get The Look: Father's Day Special!

If your Dad looks like any of these fine fellows below, then you've lucked out in the gene pool. We've got the perfect way to say thanks this Father's Day - September 1st! - with a pair of sunglasses or opticals from Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear.

Paul Newman, wearing those acetate aviators like a boss.

Oliver Goldsmith "Berwick (1979)" in Black

Bevel "Marty" in Matte Black


Gary Oldman, doing things his way since forever.

Garrett Leight "Kinney" in Champagne


Michael Caine, making classic look criminally good.

Claire Goldsmith "Carters" in Black

Cutler&Gross "0772" in Black


Tom Cruise, breaking hearts - and the sound barrier - while wearing his aviators.

Salt "Lawson" in Raven Black

Graz "R.A.B." in Black

Salt "Vargas" in Gunmetal