Ever Wondered Where Your Glasses Are Made?

Fukui: Japan

When it comes to hand making quality eyewear, Italy, Germany and parts of China do a great job but at MHPE over half of our in store collections are made in Fukui, Japan where Japanese innovations in technology are married with the skills of artisan eyewear makers. For the past century, Japanese experts have passed down through the generations, the specific skills for hand making eyewear.

The process of making acetate frames involves over 100 steps, commencing with the design process, cutting out the frame components from the slab of acetate, hand polishing done through burnishing or rumbling the components in barrels with woodchips to achieve a high quality sheen.  The overall quality and finish is far superior to that of mass produced frames, which are machine made and sprayed with lacquer.

Some food for thought when you're looking for the next pair of glasses to grace your face!