Here are some of the questions/ comments we are frequently asked

How long have you been here?

Teed St - 7 years
 High St - about 20 months.

I am not familiar with some of your ranges.

The reason is.....  

 As far as we are aware, we are the only optometrists in New Zealand to specialise in “independent” eyewear design.  By that we mean, we avoid the licensed brands seen everywhere.  We offer designs from the world’s most talented independent eyewear designers who specialise in designing nothing other than ... beautifully crafted eyewear.  

Where else can we buy these ranges?

Not many places in New Zealand.  Some of our ranges we have exclusively in New Zealand but there is a community of leading optical outlets around the world who we keep in touch with and who also specialise in independent eyewear design.

What are your frames made of?

All our frames and sunglasses are made of premium quality materials usually either Japanese or Italian zylonite for our acetate frames and Japanese titanium for our titanium ranges.  Most are hand-made and hand polished.  

Our frames are of comparable price to many of the mass-produced brands and we think represent better value for money when taking into account overall quality.   

Can you send frames to other parts of New Zealand?

Yes we work with lots of customers from all over New Zealand.  Many make the trip into our stores to narrow their selection but if you can’t, you can send us a photo of yourself and let us know a little about your personal style and we will send you out some frames to look at.  There is an extra charge for the postage and handling.