November L.G.R. Winner: Jane Mow

Jane Mow in L.G.R. 'Victoria'

Jane Mow was the lucky winner of our November L.G.R. sunglasses giveaway. We asked our Facebook fans which of our frames they wear and why they love them. 

Jane answered:
"I wear "Clark" by SALT. I love them! I've been searching for a replacement pair for years. Michael helped me choose these & haven't regretted it since! I've had sooo many comments on how stunning they look! Plus they fit perfectly on my face. Definitely a winner!!"
For her prize, Jane chose the elegant 'Victoria' by L.G.R. This up-and-coming fashion designer certainly has taste.  She graduated earlier this year and is heading over to Sydney in January, so she will definitely be needing these!

All the best for your fashion career Jane, and congratulations - you look stunning!