Meet the designer: Martin Lehmann

Martin Lehmann, along with school friend Martin Stempell , founded the aptly named Martin & Martin label in 1997. Both Martins came from diverse working backgrounds to form an eyewear business in their homeland of Germany. Before long their designs were featured on the runways in Paris.

Over the years Martin & Martin established itself as a creative and innovative frame design house, making quality eyewear based around a whole lifestyle concept. Ranges are constructed from the highest grade acetate, featuring interesting pathways that play with the juxtaposition of dark and light colours.

With their attention to quality, classic styling and clean modern lines, the two Martins have built a superior eyewear company only found in carefully selected opticians around the globe.

Martin Lehmann

What (or who) inspires you?
For some time I have been inspired by the incredible versatility of cellulose, it is one of the basic elements life is constructed of. That is why I choose acetate as raw material for our frames, because it’s basically made from cellulose.

What three words sum up your design ethos?
Minimalistic, natural, elegance.

Best piece of fashion advice?
For men it would have to be ‘Hagen’. For ladies ‘Hanna’.

Favourite frame from your range and why?
Currently the Paul X. It seems to look cool on all faces aged 20 to 80, men and women....

What is your pet peeve?
Watching TV soaps sober...

What would be your perfect day off?
Going for an extremely long hike on a sunny day.