Jax Hamilton's Got Taste

Jax Hamilton’s wonderfully ebullient personality set the tone for her new specs. The trick was finding a frame as hip as Jax... and we think we found just that in the Riley by Claire Goldsmith.

You may remember Jax from MasterChef NZ which screened earlier this year. In the final episode she came so incredibly close to winning, and if it wasn't for those pesky macaroons that wouldn't stay put, we are sure she would have. Nevertheless, Jax has now moved on...in a big way. She is elbow-deep in all sorts of cooking enterprises, including releasing her own cookbook, and she is in hot demand on the public speaking circuit (her appearance at the Foodshow went down a treat!)

Jax Hamilton in Riley by Claire Goldsmith

Jax is also working hard on the "Bake A Difference" fundraising campaign for the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind. We are getting right behind her cause with a cake stall outside our Teed Street store at the end of October. We'll have more information for you about this next week.

Here is Jax with our in-house "foodie" Richard Walker, who was blown away by Jax' brilliance in the kitchen this year and is her biggest fan!

High St's Richard Walker with Jax Hamilton 

Go Jax! We at Premium Eyewear admire your talent, energy and enthusiasm... what fun it was helping you choose some new gigs!