Meet the designer: David Rose

SALT. OPTICS never cease to amaze us. From design and craftsmanship to service and staff, this independent company does an exceptionally good job of everything.

Based in California, SALT are a bunch of passionate people who believe in "simple things made well".  Perhaps that's why their beautiful eyewear never seems to date. The designers at SALT draw inspiration from mid-century style, and revamp it using the latest technology to create eyewear that is always fresh, unique and timeless. 

Take a look at the video below  -SALT's 2011 collection - and you'll see what we mean!

We caught up with David Rose, one of the visionaries behind the SALT brand, to find out what makes him tick and what's behind such enduring design.

David Rose

What (or who) inspires you?
Floating freely between the office, ocean, wilderness and mountains.  People all around serve as valuable reference as well.  Also, sometimes it’s the most insignificant details that catch me the most.   Like contrase lining on a messenger tote or pocket detail on great coat or the quality and craftsmanship of a pair of hand sewn boots.  

What three words sum up your design ethos?
Modesty, integrity, determination.  

Best piece of fashion advice?
I always try to keep a little bit of the old but stay in the present. It’s really just about what feels good to you.  It’s always great to find little unique accent pieces too.  Like a cool pair of patterned socks or belt with an interesting buckle.  Something that lets you complement and embrace your independent lifestyle. 

Favourite frame from your range and why?
Yates.  Classic timeless styling with clean vintage accents to the endpeice.  Looks great in Matte True Navy and friendly Brownstone. 

What is your pet peeve?
Right now it’s the Japanese Yen. 

What would be your perfect day off?
Morning run at the bluffs, work my way over to the beach with family and friends, quick surf, head to the Sierra’s and traverse through the mountains in search of my favorite fishing hole.