The 'mark of a great eyewear designer

'No bullshit - just passion and aluminium,' says Jacob Kilsgaard. He doesn't do bells and whistles or frills. In true Danish style (just like Lindberg), Jacob Kilsgaard would rather create simple, honest and tasteful eyewear.

Jacob's plan to design eyewear that doesn't stand out has had quite the opposite effect. Since beginning the Kilsgaard collection in 2008, he's won the IF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, proving that in a world full of loud and attention-seeking eyewear, simple, understated designs are the ones that really stand out.

The Kilsgaard collection features aluminium fronts and acetate temples in a range of stunning colours. These frames are lightweight (think empty beer cans, but much classier) and have a very cool matte finish.

Here are a few of the beautiful designs and colours just in at MHPE.