SALT has never looked so good!

SALT is a company that honours its mission statement:

"An independent lifestyle company making premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well."  

At MHPE we do like things made well and we do like SALT - the company and their frames and sunglasses! New designs from SALT are refined, balanced and honest.

 For women we love 'Jane' in Toffee Tortoise Pink.

While the unisex 'Clark' cleverly provides a "bold and chunky" option for people with fine features.

Below are our other new arrivals from SALT.  We have just ordered more as several have sold before we had time to get them photographed!

'Stella' in Whiskey

'Stella' in Plum Gradient
(also pictured at top
from our recent photo shoot with young photographer Karen Ishiguro)

'Clark' in Olive Gradient