Jeanette Paine in Dita 'Svelte' and Oliver Goldsmith 'Sophie'

Jeanette Paine was one of our first clients when we opened in Teed St almost 8 years ago and has since become a good friend and devotee of beautiful eyewear. 

Jeanette is the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Unitec Institute of Technology and responsible for the latest "Change Starts Here" campaign, which you might have seen on the telly. Great to see you're leading the way with 'change' Jeanette - as with these frames and sunglasses we're pretty sure the Institute will be asking you to head the fashion department as well. 

Dita's Svelte for opticals and Oliver Goldsmith's Sophie for prescription sunglasses are both excellent choices. Not only are they both gorgeous design classics, but they're perfect for Jeanette's high script as neither go too wide or deep.