Kids of 88 in frames of '61

Kids of 88 keyboardist Jordan Arts came in recently to pick up his new gigs. Last time Jordan chose the 'Verve' by Dita, but decided it was time for a change before recording the video for their new single this weekend. This time Claire Goldsmith's 'Carters' was a standout winner for Jordan, his lovely girlfriend and all of us at MHPE.

Jordan (left) in his new 'Carters' in Black.
Singer Sam McCarthy (right) tried on L.G.R. 'Cairo'. We think it quite suits him!

'Carters' in Light Tort by Claire Goldsmith 

Fitted with his own prescription, the ever stylish Jordan wears 'Lord' by Oliver Goldsmith, popularised by Michael Caine in the '60s. Similar in shape to the 'Carters', this classic frame never goes out of fashion!

'Lord' in Caramel Split by Oliver Goldsmith

Kids of 88 won single of the Year 2009 and have been churning out the hits ever since. We love them and so do the Aussies... next it will be the USA! Good luck Jordan and Sam... the world needs your music more than 'just a little bit'!