EYEWEAR REVOLUTION happening right now!!

Historically impressive things have emerged out of hardship. After the great depression of the 1930’s young Americans did what they could to enjoy life and flocked to the dancehalls... BIG BAND swing was born. The silky, smooth glamour of the likes of Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Glen Miller was true American style.

What has this got to do with an eyewear blog? Well folks, the USA is where there is an EYEWEAR REVOLUTION happening right now!!  Hard times for Americans over the past few years has seen many people reject mass-culture like never before, providing an opportunity for independent, talented eyewear designers to shine.

We think its important to note the life that young independent American designers are breathing back into the industry... real grass roots innovation and talent. There is a determination to succeed, focus and an uncompromising commitment to quality.  We already have SALT, one of the most exceptionally well-designed and crafted ranges from America and we’re delighted to announce our recent addition, ZERO G. Whereas SALT is primarily acetate based, ZERO G is the PREMIUM TITANIUM range we, at MHPE have been on the look out for.   

WE have brought it to NZ for the first time and it’s in store NOW.

For years, we in New Zealand have been told by those that flog frames on behalf of the giants that great eyewear is European based. But at MHPE we know otherwise……And…….. lets face it which is more appealing…a continent that created Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, NIRVANA and Pearl Jam or a continent responsible for A-ha, Nena (99 Luftballoons), Basshunter and CRAZY FROG?

Ok we know …..that’s not fair and we do still have some great independent European eyewear ranges but …..you get our point…..or if you don’t… consider it this way. Why settle for house red when you could have a bottle of Napa Valley’s finest?

More information about ZeroG and its amazing super light (zero gravity), screwless design in our next blog.