M2 Sunglasses

We love M2 Magazine and we want to thank them for coming into our stores and loving what we do.

The M2 stylists are a slick crowd and know what they're doing.  They've selected two of the most classic OG designs, the Lord and the Vice Consul to feature in the latest M2 magazine.  Both frames work brilliantly as a sunglass or an optical frame and both are in stock at High St and Teed St.

(Unfortunately there is a printing error in the price and the Lord and the Vice Consul are actually priced at $525.)

The Lord was designed in 1967 and made for Michael Caine who wore it in the famous shoot by the incredibly talented David Bailey.  With a smoking Caine staring straight down the camera lens, the Lord takes centre stage in this famous shot.

(remember kids, it's not cool to smoke)