Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
  • The reason why you won't see many of our frames in other outlets is because we import most of our ranges directly from the designers who create them.

  • We are very selective about the ranges we carry, we will not compromise on quality.  A range has to be good enough for us...not the other way round.  We prefer specialist eyewear designers creating and making hand crafted quality pieces.

  • We do not carry any licensed brands.  We don't wish to seem rude but please do not clog up our inbox with querries about any of the licensed brands.  WE DO NOT CARRY THEM.  All the licensed brands can be bought at most eyewear stores across New Zealand but NOT at ours.  We don't rate the quality of most licensed brands, we don't do bling and fake jewels and we will not have gauche branding on the frames we sell.

  • We carry different stock between Teed St and High St with some cross over.

  • We will sell and post frames to other parts of New Zealand but with certain conditions, please ring us and we'll explain.

  • At this time MIchael Holmes is our only optometrist.  Our customers have made it very clear that Michael's dedicated approach to eye care is one of the reasons they keep coming back year after year. So we hope to be able to keep it this way for as long as possible by offering him lots of support from a highly efficient team of dispensing opticians, technicians and assistants.  Michael qualified as an optometrist in  Britain over 20 years ago and has recently added to his qualifications by completing a two year ocular therapeutics course.  Michael absolutely loves his job.  His inner "science nerd" means he does get quite excited about interesting eye conditions but be rest assured if your eyes are" boring" in optometry terms, he gets  equally excited over making an exquisite pair of glasses.

  • Michael's appointment times span Monday to Saturday and we will always try to fit you in within 4 days of making a request for an appointment even if it means a very early start or late finish to the day.  We are flexible and we will always find you an urgent space if you have an urgent problem or if you have broken your glasses.

Its always good to hear from you. Please keep the feedback coming and email us at if you have any queries.