2 Martins, 1 Peter and a Richard

Some of you who have been in to High St, will have met our new addition to the family, Richard Walker. 

Richard is a trained spectacle maker from the UK but has been living in NZ for the past 10 years.  Richard happens to know a thing or two about glasses and is a bit of a talent at picking out the right frame for the right person. He's pretty good at sorting out the lenses too.

Here is Richard wearing "Peter" by Martin & Martin in Crystal . You either love or you don't. 

Richard is one of the few people who can pull it off!

Martin & Martin Peter in Crystal

....  and oh yes here are some new arrivals from the Martins... enjoy!

 Martin & Martin Wilhelm

 Martin & Martin Lars

 Martin & Martin Paul in Green Tort

 Martin & Martin Paul in Red/Cream

 More Red with Cream...

 Martin & Martin Paul in Red/Cream and Grey Tort

Martin & Martin Paul in Matte Gray Tort