Know the Brand: Bevel

One of our favourite eyewear brands Bevel has just been subject of this lovely write-up from glasses enthusiast blog The Spectacled. Read more about Bevel in the feature below. 

Get to Know: Bevel

Bevel - "Klemaroid" sunglasses in Olive Green
Bevel – “Klemaroid” sunglasses in Olive Green
Founded in 1999 by industry vets Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson (who worked at the Optical Shop of Aspen and Alain Mikli, among others), the company makes simple, elegant frames that seek to enhance personal style, while promoting the fundamentals of quality construction and design. The unisex frames draw inspiration from Japanese craftsmanship, but are rooted in an All-American sensibility and Midwestern warmth. Free from distracting logos and ornamentation, the focus instead is on nuanced color combinations, durable materials, and a patented design that features a one-piece beta hinge carried through the core of the temple. The design allows for incredible flexibility while keeping a simple, sleek aesthetic. We were lucky enough to meet with Mewha during a recent visit to Josephson Opticians, where he showed us the collection.
Bevel - "Denis" frames in Black & Green Horn
Bevel – “Denis” frames in Black & Green Horn
For Mewha and Nelson, glasses are often the most overlooked accessory and, in their words, “the most underrated cosmetic enhancement.” If you’re going to wear glasses, they say, why not pick a pair that will make you look good? Better yet, pick out a couple pairs that you can change in and out, depending on your wardrobe and mood.
Bevel - "Geno" frames in "Deep Sea Matte"
Bevel – “Geno” frames in “Deep Sea Matte”
Bevel - "Oliver" frames in "Smoke Crystal Matte"
Bevel – “Oliver” frames in “Smoke Crystal Matte”
Perhaps the brand’s best feature, is its ability to produce frames that flatter a wide variety of face shapes and a wide variety of personalities. At once modern and retro, sharp and subtle, the frames are easy enough to slip into your daily rotation, yet special enough to garner a second look or two. These are glasses made for people who appreciate the little details in life – and in eyewear; not too crazy but never boring either. Case in point: celebrity fans include everyone from Robert de Niro and Susan Sarandon, to Denis Leary and Taylor Swift. And those semi-rimless, titanium glasses that Matt Damon is always spotted in? Those are the“Chin Chin” frames and they’re from Bevel.
Bevel - "Chin Chin" frames in Military Green & Taupe
Bevel – “Chin Chin” frames in Military Green & Taupe
At the end of the day, these are glasses that exude a quiet confidence and charm, with a nod to strong design principles, classic silhouettes, and a commitment to looking good on the outside, while feeling pretty damn good about yourself on the inside as well!
We’ve picked some of our favourite Bevel eyewear styles above. Head over to view their full collection.