New Zealand, meet Bevel Spectacles!

For the first time in New Zealand, we'd like to introduce our newest range:

It felt like Christmas had come early when this box arrived at our Newmarket store...

The order contained feminine cat's eye shapes, nerdy retro men's frames, and everything in between.

Featuring the bold colour pathways that Bevel does especially well...

Not to mention some very unique bi-coloured acetate and titanium numbers!

Designed in the USA by Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson and brought to life by expert Japanese craftsmen, these frames really make a statement. Mewha and Nelson started Bevel in 1999 and have since become known for their bold designs and innovative use of materials.

We've got Bevel frames in acetate, super-light titanium and a combination of the two materials, all in a wide range of colours and shapes at both Teed Street (Newmarket) and High Street (Auckland City).

If you're after tidy, high-quality frames with plenty of impact, Bevel could be just the thing you're looking for.